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50% of children lack regular access to bedtime story experiences at home, contributing to literacy and language gaps that disproportionally impact underserved communities. We developed Storyvoice to democratize access to bedtime stories, creating a space where any child, anywhere, can take part in live reading experiences from the comfort of a phone.
Built on a new medium for storytelling, told by the people who write them.
Librarian Neeza Singh reading with students across India during Pratham Books' annual One Day, One Story program.
Storyvoice combines the power of technology and community to bring stories to the world. Our daily live sessions provide engaging learning experiences for kids, hosted by inspiring authors and storytellers from around the globe.
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Designed in a refugee camp.
Backed by the MiT Media Lab.
Created 5 miles from the Syria/Lebanon border, Storyvoice began as an English reading tool for Syrian refugee children.
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