Where Earth goes to read
Once upon a time, there was an app that read stories to the world. They called it, Storyvoice.
A new medium for telling stories
Storyvoice applies the limitless possibilities of digital to the traditional storytelling experience. Creating a space for people and communities to read, imagine, and learn together.
Because stories matter
In the US alone, 1 in 4 children are not read to at home. Storyvoice aims to change that, and is built on the belief that every child, everywhere, should always have someone to read a story with.
Storyvoice for classrooms
Hey educators! Start reading with your students on the Storyvoice app.
"Using the Storyvoice app has been a transformative experience for my team of elementary and secondary ESL/ELD teachers during distance learning... The benefits for students have been so great that we will be integrating Storyvoice into our language programs when we return to the brick and mortar school setting."
What educators are saying
"Storyvoice has allowed me to read and provide instruction with both my Reading Recovery students and EL students. Storyvoice also allowed for classroom and Title 1 teachers to join with us in session and listen to students reading and learning. None of this would have been possible without the app."
EL and Reading Recovery teacher
Jackson Local Schools, Ohio
"This app is simply the best. It is very easy to use, safe, and in a short period of time has become part of my students' daily routine. I am very proud that we were some of the first people to have the chance to use the application... it has exceeded all of our expectations."
Stephanie Ledger
Joe Slanina
Sahar Fanous
ESL/ELD Early Literacy Resource Teacher, Waterloo Region District School Board, Ontario, Canada
Elementary English teacher
UNRWA, Lebanon
Designed in Lebanon, with support from the MIT Media Lab
Storyvoice was created through the MIT Media Lab - Refugee Learning Accelerator as a tool to help Syrian refugee students in Lebanon practice English. We are now opening up our technology to support more children around the world, with plans for a public launch in the fall, 2020.
Our team
We are a team of engineers and designers, representing three nationalities, united by a shared love for stories and passion for making a difference. We created Storyvoice to bring the joy and benefits of storytelling to children everywhere. Along the way, we received some help from MIT, learned growth hacking in Austria, moved to the Syrian border, and managed to build an MVP in the midst of a country-wide revolution.
Start reading with us today!
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