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50% of children lack regular access to bedtime story experiences at home, contributing to literacy and language gaps that disproportionally impact underserved communities. We developed Storyvoice to democratize access to bedtime stories, creating a space where any child, anywhere, can take part in live reading experiences from the comfort of a phone.
As a guest author, you will host a live read-aloud of your children's story on the Storyvoice mobile app. During your session, you will be introduced and guided by a member of the Storyvoice team, and will have a chance to read and interact with our global listening audience. The session is 100% live, not recorded, and only requires access to a phone and internet to participate.
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• A member of our team will contact you to explain how everything works, and set a date for your live session.
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• Read your story with the world!
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Neeza Singh reading with students across India during Pratham Books' annual One Day, One Story program.
What kind of stories are we looking for?
Children's picture books and early readers. A focus on diversity is also important to us given the global audience we engage with. Right now we are priotizing English stories, but are also interested in working with Spanish and Arabic titles.
How long are the reading sessions?
20-30 mins depending on the length of the story. During the first half of the session, the author is introduced and reads their story. In the the second half, we do Q&A and other interactive activities for authors to connect with their listeners.
Who will I be reading with?
A diverse and growing audience from refugee children in the Middle East, to elementary students in India and the US. We specifically target communities with limited at-home reading opportunities for kids.
I already do virtual read-alouds on Facebook and YouTube, can I stream my Storyvoice session there as well?
Yes! Once you go live on Storyvoice, we can simultaneously stream you session over your Facebook and YouTube pages so that your entire audience network can access this unique storytelling experience. We can show you how this works on our intro call.
I am not very good with technology. How complicated is this?
Imagine reading next to someone, but over your phone. That's Storyvoice. It's a simple digital version of the traditional storytelling experience we all love and grew up with. Also, a member of our team will always be by your side, co-hosting your live session with you.
What format should the story be in?
We will need temporary access to a PDF version of your story for your read-aloud. Only you and your Storyvoice co-host will have access to the story inside of the app during your session.
Will I get paid to read my story?
No, Storyvoice currently does not pay authors to do live read-alouds. We see this as an exciting opportunity for authors to connect with new audiences in more meaningful ways, while helping make an impact across the globe. It's a win-win for everyone.
My publisher has questions, who can they speak with?
Publishers can email to help address any further questions or concerns.
How did Storyvoice begin?
Storyvoice was designed in a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon, originally used as a tool to read live bedtime stories to disadvantaged children without anyone to read with at home. Our early development was funded by the MIT Media Lab.
What is Storyvoice's mission?
To create a world where every child, everywhere, always has someone to read a story with.
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