Join Book Trust virtual read-alouds on the new Storyvoice app!
Book Trust, in partnership with Scholastic and Storyvoice, is launching a new virtual read-aloud program hosted by inspiring authors and volunteer storytellers. The Book Trust read-aloud program is available for free to all Book Trust partner schools and students. Please register your classroom today to get your students signed up and reading with us!
Live storytelling for kids everywhere
The Book Trust read-aloud program provides live, interactive storytelling experiences that students can access over any mobile, tablet or desktop device. The reading sessions take place on the Storyvoice mobile app, a new virtual read-aloud tool backed by the MIT Media Lab. During sessions, children can easily follow along with their storyteller, participate by answering questions and practice reading with their classmates.
Read The Crayon Box that Talked with Shane DeRolf!
The first live reading session will be hosted by Shane DeRolf, author of The Crayon Box that Talked. During Shane's read-aloud, students will get to hear Shane read his story, ask questions, and even take turns reading live together! Register your classroom today to take part in this unique live read-aloud experience.
How it works
• Fill out the form below to give your students access to Book Trust read-alouds on Storyvoice.
• After registering, you will receive instructions for joining the session from the Storyvoice team.
Receive session instructions
Register your classroom
• Once started, your students can easily follow along and interact with their guest storyteller.
Join the live session!
• Storyvoice is available on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
Students download app, or join from the web
Storyvoice co-founder, Mike Clarke, reading a live bedtime story with 2nd graders from Syria, India, Lebanon and the US.
Student access and privacy information
The Book Trust read-aloud program is available to all students with access to an internet enabled mobile, tablet or desktop device. Additionally, minimal user data is collected from students to participate in sessions.

Requirements for access:
• Internet connection
• Storyvoice app - available on mobile or tablet devices, also via desktops on the Storyvoice website.

Student information collected:
• Student first name

No student video is used in Storyvoice. Only the host is visible.

All student microphones are turned off by default. Students only become audible if they choose to participate by raising their hand and are called on by the host storyteller.

For more information on data privacy, please refer to the Storyvoice privacy policy.
How long are the reading sessions?
20-30 mins depending on the length of the story. During the first half of the session, the author is introduced and reads their story. In the the second half, students can ask questions and practice reading with the author.
Who are the authors and storytellers my students will be reading with?
Our first virtual read-aloud will be hosted by Shane DeRolf, author of The Crayon Box that Talked. Like Shane, we will continue to collaborate with other leading children's authors to host read-alouds on Storyvoice. In addition to authors, we are also organizing volunteer storytellers from our corporate partners to perform regular storytelling sessions over the app that children can always freely access.
Do kids need internet to participate?
Yes, an internet connection is required to participate in these live read-aloud events.
Can students access this experience across all devices?
Yes, students can choose to participate over the Storyvoice app on any mobile or tablet device, or join from a computer via the Storyvoice session link (shared via email).
Does the app use video?
No, a student's video will never be displayed on Storyvoice. The only people visible during sessions are the host and storyteller.
When is the first session?
The first read-aloud will take place on November 19th and 20th. Information and instructions will be sent after signing up.
What information do you collect from my students?
Students must enter their first name to enter a live reading session on Storyvoice. During sessions, if a student chooses to, they can also raise their hand to speak with the guest author and host of the session. If called on, the student's audio will be turned on to communicate, and will be turned off as soon as the interaction is over.
Is Storyvoice COPPA compliant?
Yes. Protecting user data, and especially data from children, is core to our mission. We closely follow COPPA best practices according to the FTC. You can learn more about how we handle student data in our privacy policy.
Is there a limit to how many students can join?
No, there is no limit to how many students can join the live session.
What grade level is this expeirence most appropriate for?
Early elementary (KG - 3rd grade).
Classroom registration
Please fill out the form to register your classroom for the first Book Trust virtual read-aloud with Shane DeRolf.

Legal disclaimer:
By signing up, you agree to the following: You are registering directly with Storyvoice, an independent product operated by Kindi Technologies, Inc., separate from Book Trust. You agree that Book Trust is only making a referral to you of the opportunity it has helped Storyvoice develop. You agree that Book Trust does not control, and is not responsible for Storyvoice's website, services, or privacy practices which we encourage you, as the teacher of your classroom, to independently evaluate before participation.

To be filled out by a teacher
Your name
E-mail address
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Your school name
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Approximate number of student participants
By submitting you agree to Storyvoice's privacy policy on behalf of you and your student audience. For any additional questions, please email