Read with your students. No matter where they are.
Storyvoice is a live storytelling app that makes it easy and fun to perform virtual read-alouds with your students. Sign up today to start your first Storyvoice session!
• 100% live
• Real-time audience participation
• Clear story view
• Synchronized page turning

Host virtual read-alouds that are fun and intereactive
No more awkward book holding or sharing screens. On Storyvoice, the story is front and center, the audience can interact, and everyone is always on the same page.
Your own private reading stream
After creating an account, you will have a private reading stream on the Storyvoice app where you and your student audience will read together. You can choose stories to read from our growing content library, and can invite your students to join you from inside the app.
Create a free storyvoice account
Please fill out the form to create your Storyvoice account. A member of our team will then follow up via email with instructions for you and your listening audience. Thanks!
Account sign up
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Choose a stream name for your classroom
Your stream name can be any combination of letters and numbers with no spacing, e.g. jacksonreaders, hillside101, mrmikereads, bangalorestories. Keep it simple, kids will enter your stream name in the app to join your sessions.
Would you also like to host public read-alouds?
In Public read-alouds, you will read stories with kids across your country.
For any questions, please email