Storyvoice Data Privacy Policy

Your privacy and that of your students is important to us. During our partnership, Storyvoice ("we," "our," or "us"), a product owned and developed by Kindi Technologies, Inc, a US-based Delaware incorporated company, adheres to the following privacy and data protection protocols as it relates to how we use and share personal information collected by the Storyvoice web and mobile application, and any associated services (the "Service").

What is Storyvoice?

Storyvoice is a live, interactive storytelling platform where teachers and their students can practice reading together. Teachers use Storyvoice to read with students outside of school, helping ensure every child has regular access to the benefits of live reading experiences. Storyvoice is used by teachers and students via the Storyvoice mobile app.

Students access Storyvoice using a code provided by their teacher. The teacher or school will be responsible for obtaining any necessary parental consent for use of Storyvoice, in particular for students under the age of 13 in accordance with COPPA requirements (more on COPPA below). Once provided with a code from their teacher, students are able to enter their designated reading stream on Storyvoice. In addition to entering their classroom code, students are also asked to enter their first name only upon downloading the app so that their teacher can identify them during their live sessions. At no point are students able to use video in Storyvoice.


• We do not display advertising across any of Storyvoice's mobile or web-based experiences and Service. Furthermore, we do not use personal information to market or advertise to you, teachers, or students, nor do we permit third parties to do so.

• We do not sell user personal information to any third parties.

Information we collect from teachers ("Admin/s")

• On the Storyvoice platform, teachers are Admins, who are able to create private Storyvoice streams and utilize the Service. When a teacher creates an Admin account on Storyvoice, we ask for certain information from that teacher including first name, last name, school email address, school name, account password, class type, and country. We use this data to verify accounts and enable access to Admin features so that teachers can begin setting up and reading on their own private Storyvoice streams.

• As an Admin, teachers also have the capability to control the content they would like to read on Storyvoice. Admins can choose content from Storyvoice's content library, or Admins can choose to upload their own content. When an Admin uploads their own content (text, images, PDFs, Google Dcos, or any other agreed upon format) into Storyvoice, the information contained in the content will be stored in Storyvoice for the purpose of providing the Service. Furthermore, content uploaded by Admins is only available to Admins and students with access to their private stream. Storyvoice is not liable for any copyright or efficacy issues related to the content uploaded by Admins into the Service outside of what is provided by the Service's existing content library.

Information we collect from students ("Student/s")

• Upon downloading the Storyvoice application, Students will be asked to enter their first name and the classroom code provided by their teacher (Admin). We do not collect student email addresses, student IDs, or last names. Furthermore, Student names are only visible to Admins and other participating Students in the private stream, and are not shared or accessible to any third parties.

• When a Student uses the Service, some information may be automatically collected to help us understand how the Service is being used and how to improve the Service. For example, device type, the device identifier (UDID), the Open Device Identification Number (ODIN), date/time stamps for each visit, operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet service provider (ISP), are all collected for purposes of administering, tracking usage of, and improving the Service. We may store this information in log files.

• At no point will a student be able to display their video on Storyvoice. A student can only activate their audio and speak over the app if their teacher calls on them to participate during the live session.

Notice to parents and schools regarding information on Students under 13

Schools and Admins should always obtain parental consent for a Student under 13 to use the Service. Under the United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"), verifiable parental consent is needed to collect, use, or disclose personal information (e.g., full name and email address) from each Student under 13 years old. In accordance with COPPA, an Admin may act as the agent of the parent or legal guardian of a Student and provide consent on behalf of the parent for Storyvoice's collection, use, and disclosure of the Student's personal information.

Under COPPA, parents of Students under 13 have certain rights with respect to our collection, use, retention, and disclosure of their Student's information. This includes the right to review, update, or delete Student information. Any parents that want copies of their children's personal information that we may have stored can contact us by sending an email to At any time, parents can refuse to permit us to collect further personal information from their children, and can request that we delete the personal information we have collected from their child by contacting us at Please keep in mind that deleting records may require us to terminate the account in question. Also remember that before we can share the information with you, or delete it per your request, we will need to verify your identity, for example by requiring that you provide acceptable forms of personal identification. Upon deletion of a Student account, we will not have any liability whatsoever for any termination of the account or related deletion of the Student information. When we delete personal information, it will be deleted from our active databases but may remain in our archives for up to 30 days.

Information we collect during sessions ("Session/s")

• We collect usage and user experience data related to the use of the Service. This includes tracking the number of participants, collecting words that get highlighted, and the time length of sessions. All specific session data related to private classroom streams is only available to Admins of that stream.

• All sessions that take place on the Service are recorded for quality assurance purposes and the recordings are only accessible by Admins. Admins can delete recordings at any time. Recordings are not shared or accessible to any third parties.

Information collected by third parties

In addition to the information collected through the use of the Service, the Storyvoice app does use additional third party services for further diagnostic and app analytics reporting that may collect information used to identify you. Below are links to the privacy policy of third party service providers used by the app:
Google Play Services
Firebase Analytics
Firebase Crashyltics

Information storage and security

• Storyvoice utilizes Amazon Web Services data centers in Frankfurt, Germany for our information storage. Additionally, we use security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

Data Retention

• We store the information we collect for as long as you have an account, or for up to 30 days in our archives when you ask for data to be deleted or the pilot has been discontinued.

For any further questions on how we handle data and privacy, please email Mike Clarke, CEO of Kindi Technologies, Inc, and co-creator of Storyvoice -